Whitening Kit
A snow-white smile is now easy!
No enamel damage
The effect is proven by thousand happy customers around the world.
Enjoy your snow-white smile!
Hiding smile?
Often drink coffee or tea?
Whitening in clinics is too expensive?
Regular Smoker?
Whitening toothpastes do not help?
Love chocolate, fruit, berries?
Whiten teeth at home in just 7 days! 7 Shades whiter, easy and fun!
Our teeth whitening kit is an easy solution for quick teeth whitening at home! Use it just 10-15 minutes per day for 7 days and get that dream holywood smile!
1000 men and women have already found the perfect smile!
Now do not worry about darkened teeth!
Result after a week!
Almat Mutaev
Ordered in the "Brilliant32" whitening kit. What is surprising is not that the teeth after the first time became much whiter, but the fact that they surprisingly became brilliant! This is unreal! Try it, I am sure that you will be surprised by the effect! Good luck!
Ann Belenkova
I order stripes from you not for the first time, I am very pleased with the result! I have never whitened my teeth before, I was afraid that there would be no effect and I would throw out money for nothing. I was very surprised when I saw the result after the first use!
Abdel Hadi
Today finished my 7 days course of using Brilliant32. My teeth are not white and i thought. I was absolutely afraid of nothing - White Light takes the form of any teeth - all my teeth bleached perfectly! I am very satisfied. It even seems to me that the teeth began to look much smoother after bleaching. I look at myself and I want to smile!
About the gift
100% natural, for real!
Our finely milled powder is totally natural and safe.
The medical grade activated charcoal is made from certified organic coconut shell to remove toxins, fight stains and protect your teeth.
The bentonite clay remineralises teeth and the surprise hint of lemon myrtle in the mix adds gentle, non-acidic antibacterial properties.

Best before bed, brush in small, gentle circles.
No need to brush hard, just give it a few minutes of effort.
Rinse and brush again with our signature spearmint toothpaste.
Repeat every night until desired brightness is achieved.
Five easy steps
to Brilliant32 Whitening
Step 1

Apply gel from two tubes in turn with a thin layer of about half a centimeter to the inner surface of the bottom and top of the tray.
Step 2

Attach the mouthpiece to your teeth so that it fits snugly against the surface of the tooth enamel, without touching the gums.
Step 3

Without closing the mouth, direct the light source to the mouth guard. Press the button to turn on the light source for at least 10 minutes.
Step 4

Rinse the drip tray and light source under running water.
Step 5

For intensive bleaching, it is recommended to use kapu for 30 minutes, but not more than once a day to avoid damage to the enamel.
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