Smart Robotic Mop
Automatic Dust Cleaner

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Product description
This breakthrough robot is the new way to quickly and effortlessly clean you floor. It reaches the most difficult corners to clean. It was specially developed to guarantee cleaning under furniture, simplifying your life and ending with the back pain caused by trying to clean under your furniture.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner effectively picks up dirt, debris, pet hair and dust from carpets, wooden floors, marble floors and nylon flooring
  • Has automatic identification of dust on the ground, take a different cleaning line, improve cleaning efficiency * With 3 functions, including sweep, adsorb and mop
  • Efficiently picking up hair, dust and dirt in all those annoying nooks and crannies under furniture
  • The furry cover could be removed to clean
  • Easy operation, can not affected by blockage

Element automatic vacuum cleaner robot Microfiber Smart Robotic Mop automatic vacuum cleaner. The creative and compact design used to effectively clean your room, it will be your good companion of life for cleaning and shine.
It eliminates all the dirt, hair, dander, dust and more from your home. Compatible with all types of flat surfaces. With a system that detects obstacles like chairs, walls, corners etc changing direction automatically.

Smart Robotic Mop
Automatic Dust Cleaner

Get a discount
AED 400 AED 199
and Free Delivery

  • Clean your home effectively, without you having to strain yourself
  • Easy to use, it cleans any smooth surface of your home.
  • Clean 100% difficult to clean locations
  • Detects obstacles by automatically changing direction
Take this opportunity today and save time and money!

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Get a discount
AED 400 AED 199
and Free Delivery

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