Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 35 Pounds After Quitting the Gym
She struggled with her weight for decades, but then Sandra Alison, 53, read about a simple change to help her slim down. Here's how the Dubai mom of two transformed her diet and reclaimed her body just last year.
What made you decide to lose the weight?
There wasn't one big event. I just set a date, April 1st, 2017, and decided that was the day I was going to get started. It just clicked. I said, "I'm doing this. Nothing's going to get in my way." I had run out of excuses like, "Oh, I'm not so fat. It's not so bad being this weight" and "You only live once, so eat cake." I had fooled myself into believing that it wasn't too, too bad. When I look at my "before" pictures now, I realize that it was bad. I crept up to 187 pounds—a few more and I was going to weigh as much as my husband. Today I'm 152 pounds and feeling good!
How long had you been trying to slim down?
I had been wanting to lose weight since having two children—they're both in their 20s now. Instead of losing, I kept gaining a little at a time.
I went to the gym consistently for over a year. I loved the strength and muscle I gained but I never lost any weight. One issue was that I couldn't go to the gym and change how I ate. It was either one or the other. I couldn't be that controlled. At the gym they said weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. So I said I'd stop the gym and change my diet.
How did you find a strategy that actually worked for you and keep the pounds off?
I read about Garcinia 15d in a magazine article. It was an easy program: No special foods, timings, smoothies or anything. All I had to do was to take 2 tabs per day (morning and evening before meals) and try to eat less sugar and other carbs.

So I started and what I've noticed was quite surprising: in few days my appetite became much less, I wasn't dreaming of having a cake or burger anymore! All I was eating was 2 boiled eggs with some avocado or dried fruits in the morning, chicken soup at lunch and sometimes salad with some veggie and canned tuna for dinner.

I was very easy as I've noticed that I start to feel full after much less portions then I used to had before
Do you still avoid carbs?
Now that I've hit my goal weight I'll have a carb here and there. I feel like my metabolism is much better so when I do eat a cookie, I don't automatically gain three pounds. But I've pretty much given up carbs. One of my goals is to dodge diabetes, so I may as well give it my best shot. We get so many carbs in our vegetables anyway. To add a white bread or a croissant doesn't seem worth it.
What's one habit that has helped you maintain your weight loss?
Visualization of my week. I always think about the opportunities for the week—lunch with co-workers, a birthday party for a friend, or maybe a family get together—then I decide which one I want to gastronomically participate in and which ones I would physically and emotionally enjoy but stick to the healthier eating plan. I always had something to look forward to, so I never felt disadvantaged.
What advice would you give to other women trying to slim down?
Give yourself time, especially if you're a little older like me. I thought my metabolism was broken. When I would watch what I ate for a week I may have lost a pound. When I was in my twenties if I had done the same thing I would have lost 5 pounds in that week. But my metabolism is back now! Thanks to garcinia 15d, my workouts and diet became much easier and I finally got the results of them all. You might have to give yourself a little more time but it will get there. Be patient. You are worth it. If you want to learn more about Garcinia 15D you can read it here
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