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Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner
About the product
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Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner
Step 1:
Fill the clear bowl with warm water and your personal preference of natural soap, baby shampoo, or the Luxe Cleaning Solution (for non-soluble makeup).
Step 2:
Using the rubber adaptor that best fits your size brush, attach the brush to the brush spinner, dunk into the water, and spin on the lowest setting until you see the water start to change color OR until you feel that your brush is clean enough for your standards. If needed, increase the speed of the spinner until you are satisfied.
Step 3:
Remove the brush from the water, keeping it in the bowl, and spin to dry. If you want to reshape the brush, keep it slightly damp and reshape with your fingers. You're all set!
Product Description
After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, we are now offering the Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner on Betterdeal! You and your makeup brushes can start celebrating! Did you know that your makeup brush can gather more bacteria than your toilet brush? Don't panic, because that's exactly why we created the Luxe Brush Spinner. We know how much time is takes to go through each and every makeup tool, meticulously cleaning and rinsing it, and then laying it out to dry on a flat surface. Let's be honest, it's a tedious task and often goes undone because of the time it consumes. But even though we may not see the bacteria in our brushes, it's still there, wreaking havoc on our skin. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria from the dirty brush transfers onto your skin and causes acne breakouts, rashes, and oil build-up. No one wants that. Clean and dry your brushes in seconds using our brush cleaner, and watch all the excess dirt, oil and makeup simply dissolve into the water. You'll brushes will be looking and feeling brand new in no time at all.
Clean Brushes:
You deserve the best, and Luxe aims to give that to you. Our cleaning device leaves your makeup brushes looking better than when you bought them, not to mention that they'll feel softer and gentler against your skin. Cleaning your brushes will no longer be a hassle.
Healthy Skin:
Clean brushes lead to healthy skin. Healthy skin leads to happy, more confident people. Luxe wants you to look and feel like the best version of yourself. We aim to make our customers feel as confident as they can in their own skin.
Love Life:
Enjoy the extra moments knowing that not only are all of your brushes clean, but with tons of time to spare. You may actually look forward to cleaning your brushes once you get into a routine using our spinner and makeup cleaning solution. Can you imagine?
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AED 390 AED 179
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