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Flourish Lama
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What it is ?
Unlike previous sticky gel pad, flourish lama rubber pad is improved. After few years technical research, we found a new material for sticky gel pad - FLOURISH LAMA. viscosity is 3 times more than previous products.
This revolutionary nano rubber pad can be widely used to stick your cellphone, pad, remote control, camera, speaker, cup, key, even remove fluff ,dust or pet hairs from jeans. It can stick on mirror, glass, whiteboard, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile, car. To stick anything, anywhere.
Don't worry when your flourish lama sticky gel pad got dirt or dust and lost fixation effect. Sticky gel pad can be reused by repeated washing and nature dried.
Flourish lama sticky gel pad was made of excellent quality gel, it's completely free-toxic, harmless for your hand skin.
Flourish Lama
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AED 120 AED 89
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Material: Flourish Lama Rubber
Color: Black
Item Weight: 2.3 oz / 0.15 lb
Soap Shape Item Size: 5.95" x 1.20" x 0.20"
Rectangle Shape Item Size: 5.30" x 2.50" x 0.20"

Anti-slip flourish lama sticky gel pad is very useful product in our daily life, it can be used to stick anything at anywhere, such as phone, pad, cap, camera, keys, mirrors or metal in the car, table or some other places, and it is also really effective to remove fluff, dust, pet hairs from shirt or laptop
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AED 120 AED 89
and Free Delivery UAE

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