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Home Hair Removal Laser
The laser epilator with modern IPL technology effectively removes unwanted hair. Thanks to the technology of intense pulsed light, you can permanently get rid of unwanted hair in 3-4 weeks. The IPL laser epilator has tremendous advantages over other hair removal methods. Epilation with it is absolutely painless, does not damage the skin, does not cause irritation and does not allow hairs to grow back. IPL technology is also effective in removing age spots. After just a few procedures, you will notice improvements, since light pulses have a destructive effect on the cause of skin pigmentation - melanin.
Why is epilation better than depilation?
Epilation allows you not only to cut hair, but to remove hair follicles. The result is a smoother, cleaner skin that lasts longer. If during depilation (hair cutting) unwanted vegetation begins to reappear after a few days (the skin becomes rough to the touch), the effect of epilation lasts for 9-15 months.
The safest way to epilate – Laser
During the procedure, under the influence of point light, melanin in the hair root is heated. Under the influence of heat, the blood that feeds the follicle coagulates and clogs the vessel. Without the intake of necessary substances, hair falls out.
Under lips
Effective hair removal all over the body
How does IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology work?
Modern light-based technologies such as IPL (intense pulsed light) are the ability to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. The IPL technology uses a broadband pulsed light source. Light waves of different lengths affect the area of the skin and the hair growing on it. When the light pulses reach the hair follicles, they interact with the melanin pigment, heating it up. The heat from the light pulse has a destructive effect on the cells of the hair roots and prevents their renewal. That is, the flashes of light destroy the "growth center" of the hair - the root. The effect is permanent - after 4-5 procedures, new hair does not grow.
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Home Laser Kit uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is a modern type of laser hair removal used for long-term, pain-free hair removal. When our Handset is used on your hair, it absorbs the IPL which then heats and destroys the targeted hair cells.
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  • Fatima Eleti
    I am obsessed with this little gadget! The HeySilkySkin works a dream at toping my hair growth. At first I though it removes the hairs but you need to shave first and then the handset targets the follicle only. I am really pleased I purchased it as I am 4 weeks in and I have less and less hairs growing now! Will keep it up and update again near the end of my sessions.
  • Lana Osama
    I have seen a difference in two weeks. I'm on week four now and see a huge difference. i haven't shaved in four days. The growth is very slow and I have a huge bald spot at the bottom of my leg by my sock. Impressed to say the least.
  • Sara M.
    So I did a test to see the difference of differentnumber treatments. You can see the different levels of hair growth this is after almost 2 weeks of not shaving. I was an every 2 day shaver to remain with a suitable level of hair growth. I hope this helps some of you. It is way worth it to me as you can see!
  • Rana Messai
    Money well spent here! I can't believe what I use to pay for professional laser and this handset does the same thing! I switched to this handset after 3 sessions of laser. I could have bought 10x HeySilkySkins with what I already spent! I am session 5 into treatments with the handset, plus the 3 I did at the salon and I am practically hairless on my legs! On my underarms and down there I would say I have a 70% reduction now! Crazy results! I have been telling all my friends we can legit go on a local girls trip with all the money we are saving!!
  • Nadia Kajouk
    The first time I used it, I only tried the arm and it was very clean and easy to use. I am very happy, the skin is smoother. I am excited to see results after some more sessions. I am satisfied with my purchase and the company. I received my delivery 1 day after the expected delivery date, which is completely fine.
  • Jessica Kiens
    I have fair skin and coarse medium brown hair that is very prone to causing ingrowns with shaving or waxing. I also have strawberry legs im blessed with great skin as you can read haha. I have tried professional laser hair removal in the past (2 treatments about 5 years ago), but it was both too expensive AND too time consuming to have to schedule an appointment. HeySilkySkin is great. I'm using it on my bikini line and underarms. My ingrown have reduced by about 80% and also my strawberry legs is much much less visible at the 6 week mark, so im hoping for even more progress soon for this condition, the hair removal is just a bonus ;)
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