Hair Growth Serum
Boost the growth of your hair with our powerful and healthy natural hair growth serum
AED 250 AED 149 1+1 FREE
in 1-2 days
Boost Your Hair Growth
How it works
The Organic Hair Growth Serum penetrates the scalp and protects and revitalises the hair follicles.

Over period of 40 days, you will experience a both fuller and thicker hair growth.

100% Safe and Natural
Easy to use
Reactivate Hair Follicles
Hair Growth Boost
Great for beard
For both men and women
Boost Your Hair Growth
Does your hair grow at a ridiculously slow rate?
Are you noticing some loss in its natural elasticity and luster? Or perhaps your hair is easily broken and is too much of a mess most of the time? It's no problem at all!

Our potent hair growth booster it just what you need to help you regain its vigor, strength and all round health!
Hair flame is more than just a hair growth serum
It offers your hair the all-round vitality it needs to nourish the follicles and trigger the growth of lush hair vegetation. If you are noticing some thinning areas on your head, then you definitely want a product that can help you even things out.

What's even better? it is made entirely from natural products that brings you a safe way to regrow your hair and maintain the beautiful bounce and shine you like so much.
Effects and benefits
100% Natural and safe

Hair flame is right for just about anyone looking to find a good natural remedy to slow hair growth.

It is made up entirely of natural and holistic products which eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.

As a result of it natural components, you can be rest assured that there are no adverse effects to come from using it.
Boost Your Hair Growth
Perfect for fast action

Hair Flame is quick to function and can make your hair grow over 2-3 times faster.

This makes it an excellent choice to help you regain lost growth.
Our secret
Hair flame was carefully created from natural oils, herb extracts and potent plant combinations. Our process involved lots of testing to ensure that it was both safe and 100% effective. We understand that loss of hair is a real problem and our formula offers you a long term solution.

Hair flame tackles a long list of problem including lack of proper growth, poor elasticity and easily broken strands. With our new and all natural Hair flame, you can get that lush beautiful hair you have always wanted.
AED 250 AED 149 1+1 FREE
in 1-2 days
Customer reviews
Money back guarantee
We are highly confident in the potency of our product as we have had countless customers report back with the good news.

If in doubt, go ahead and purchase a vial and we will give you a 60-day money back guarantee with a full refund it there are absolutely no results.
Boost Your Hair Growth
Boost the growth of your hair with our powerful and healthy natural hair growth serum
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