Magic Cats Eye Gellac
BRAND NEW 3D effect
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Magic Cats Eye Gellack
Our new MAGIC Cat's Eye gel-lacquers turn every color gel and every gel-lacquer into such shimmering highlights. The glitter particles and the shimmering effect after use of 2 magnets are particularly good, so you can make curves and special patterns.
It's very easy to use
Apply, apply magnets, form shimmer and harden. The gel lacquer cures in 30 seconds under LED and of course, like all our gel lacquers, belongs to the Soak Off System and can therefore be removed with our Remover. Use the Cat's Eye Gellacke as a Gellack Manicure, as a natural nail reinforcement or as a color coating on your gel or acrylic modeling.

A wonderful way to quickly and
manually make a manicure for yourself!

220 AED

Sale! Only today
1+1 Free for AED 159
Free Delivery in UAE

Content Types
  • 1x Magic Cat´s Eye Purple-Gold (M-01)
  • 1x Magic Cat´s Eye Rosegold (M-02)
  • 1x Magic Cat´s Eye Green-Blue (M-03)
  • 1x Magic Cat´s Eye Purple-Blue (M-04)
  • 1x Magic Cat´s Eye Magnet Board (4075)
How it works
Step 1: Prepare the natural nail or the modeled nail as usual.
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of your favorite Cat Eye Color and gently push the magnet over the fresh layer. The effect arises in the direction of your movement.
Step 3: Allow to set for 30 seconds under LED. 120 seconds in the UV light curing device.
Step 4: Seal with the Blossom Nailcouture Non Sticky Ultra Finish and also cure for 60 seconds or 120 seconds.
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Magic Cats Eye Gellac

220 AED
Sale! Only today
1+1 Free for
AED 159
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