Smart Anti-Theft backpack
129 AED 420 AED
A modern backpack designed to be very comfortable.
And carry a broad functional.
Watch the video and see how it works
Innovative backpack | Anti Theft Smart
Our (Anti Theft Smart Backpack) includes modern innovative implementations, which will help you very much not stay in one place that would damage the gadget. Allows you to easily and freely move and travel. Walk with the times!
  • Size: 26 сm х 11 сm х 43 сm
  • For gadget pockets: Smartphone, Tablet, MacBook, Netbook
  • Material: Water repellent fabric
  • For cycling: Illuminating safety strips
  • Capacity: Advanced storage design
  • Anti-theft: YKK zippers
  • Secret pocket: Secret pocket in quick access
  • Functional: It is convenient to open what would be extracted
  • Hard: Shock-proof
  • PowerBank: Integrated USB charging port
Functionality and Benefits
Compact size
The Bobby fits a 15,6"
laptop and a tablet up to 10".
Laptop Compartment: 27 cm x 33 - 40 cm x 3,5 cm
(Width x Height x Depth)
Tablet Compartment: 25,5 cm x 12 - 18 cm x 1 cm
(Width x Height x Depth)
Общий размер: 26 cm - 43 cm - 11 cm
(Width x Height x Depth)

Modern backpack - For modern gadgets
Using (Anti Theft Smart Backpack)
You can easily and safely carry
with a few gadgets and not only.
Also the endolar objects and even
removable clothing.
More advantages:
● Compact and elegant appearance
● Water-repellent fabric
● Shock-proof
● YKK lightning

All that would be pleased
Save the gadget
Now at your disposal is available
easy to charge Smartphone,
Tablet, MacBook, Netbook ...
And you can do all this without stopping
from a picnic, relaxing on the beach, or cycling.
Convenient cache
Hidden feeders with easy and fast access!
  • Lilian Dorsey
    Me and my husband, we love to travel. But there was always a problem, gadgets quickly lost their charge and they were not enough for a few days. Now this problem is no more, and besides it has become more convenient and safer to carry gadgets with you. They are now shackles from the impact.
  • Daniel Wasso
    Hello. I love an active kind of rest! I take a great interest in cycling and skateboarding. I like to do tricks, and of course I fall. When my smartphone was in a normal bag, it crashed after the first time I fell. Now I'm already convinced that "Smart Anti-Theft" is the best solution to my problem!
  • Markus Starsen
    Hello! As a student running around the day from one audience to another, it was not convenient to fetch one bag for a netbook and one bag for textbooks. But now, when I bought "Anti Theft Smart Backpack" for myself, I found it amusing to look at those who still do not know about such a cool backpack.
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