Compact All-in-One Screen Cleaner
Old Price 185 AED
Price Now 99 AED
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Use it on all mobile devices,
laptops and TV's
> Compact All-in-One screen cleaning solution

> Holds up to 10ml of your own cleaning fluid

> Outside coated with a special microfiber material
that works great on screen
3,75 in
Magic Screen Cleaner - All-in-One
Old Price 185 AED
Price Now 99 AED
Outside carrying case to keep your pockets dry and refrain from accidental spray
Total Three Components
> Spray Bottle
> Wipe / Shell
> Protective Case
Super Compact!
It's easy to always have
an "All-in-One" with you.
Due to an increase in social media attention, this product is extremely limited in supply. First come, first serve.
How easy is that?
Just a few seconds to clean your smartphone / device

Use wherever you want, it is always convenient and practical.
How to use
Compact All-in-One
Screen Cleaner
Magic Screen Cleaner - All-in-One
Old Price 185 AED
Price Now 99 AED
Product is awesome!
This product cleans the front of my iPad and tv better than "anything" I have found!! Those smudges that don't come out, they will with this!! I actually demonstrate it to my friends. :-) It works on phones also, of course. Just be sure to keep the pad covered with the plastic cover that comes with it and it will last a long time!! I am starting to give these as gifts to people for birthday etc. Almost everyone has something to use this on. Again, I love it!!
Saida A.
You will love it too!
This GE screen cleaner is compact, and so ready to clean my screens. It is small and efficient ant. It is great!!
Laylo U.
Traveling tutor with lots of technology!
I love this! I used to carry a small spray bottle and micro fiber cloth in my work bad. My work mates crabbed at me for not buying more. I just wanted to try it. I do keep the plastic cover on it. It came with an adhesive strip. I think it is to put on the cover and stick it somewhere convenient. If someone is having drying problems they may be using too much. I just gave mine a good spritz and a itty bitty spritz, so it was damp all over and cleaned my iPad,13" laptop, and phone perfectly. I work with kids, so I'm sure I'll need to clean the pad with a damp cloth now and then. The spray bottle is refillable. It is perfect.
Forget all outdated gadgets for your smartphone to be clean ...
Brand latest for your smartphones, tablets and even for TV
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