Brilliant32 teeth whitening kit
+Gift Coco Charcoal
Whiten your teeth at home!- Easy and safe,
7 Shades Whiter in just 7 days
☑ Guaranteed Results

Watch video and see how
Whiten your teeth and charm everyone around you
Guaranteed result!
Brilliant32 Teeth Whitening System - Easy To Use Kit - Natural Formula - Visibly Whiter Teeth In Minutes - Includes Shade Guide & Instructions
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Brilliant32 + Gift Coco Charcoal
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About the product

Thanks to Brilliant32's premium advancedteeth whitening gel system kit, you will get a bright, flashy, whiter than white smile that will charm everyone around you - as long as you keep showing it off!
FULLY COMPLETE KIT! Our kit contains everything necessary for you to brighten up your smile in no time; eight sealed vials of gel, two trays, a tray case, a light device, and a shade guide to pick the one you like most!
ENJOY ALMOST INSTANT RESULTS! Are you in a hurry for an important occasion, such as a wedding reception or a special date? Don't worry! You can have an amazing smile.

How to use...
Brilliant32 teeth whitening kit

1) Boil 5 minutes in water 70-50 degrees Celsius. Next, fix the teeth
for 30 seconds. After that, rinse with cold water for 5 seconds.
And cut off the handle.

Cut the tip of the tube. Apply the contents to the heated insert for the teeth. Then put on your teeth, for 30 seconds to shape your teeth.

3) Activate by pressing a small button on the case. When the backlight appears, simply place the teeth on the surface for 20-25 minutes.

>> After, just rinse your mouth with water!

>>One time a day for 7 days, a colossal result.
Right choice, Dentists Approved
"Brilliant32 teeth whitening kit"
the result is obvious!
Brilliant32 + Gift Coco Charcoal
425 AED 249 AED Free delivery
Fully Complete Set

Our premium quality system has all you will need to change the way you smile in a matter of a few seconds!

✔ 8 Sealed vials of professional teeth whitening gel
✔ 2 Impressionable trays
✔ 1 Tray case
✔ 1 Mini teeth-whitening LED light

Opinion of those who already tried Brilliant32
For me, with my work is very important
there is a beautiful smile.
This "Brilliant32 Teeth Whitening Kit"
really helped me!
I use only 10 minutes every morning,
very easy, fast, and convenient.
And I am struck by a beautiful smile
all friends, acquaintances, colleagues,
but most importantly the guests of the Hotel.

Chloe Miller
Hotel manager
A very good way to get a perfect smile.
I am very pleased. I, yes, my friends
and colleagues advise "Brilliant32". Some of
girlfriends took "Brilliant32" and now just like I am.
Smile to me in response boldly and widely.

Beatrice Ameri
Very easy and simple to use.
Great way, I'm very satisfied.
At me as though-life has changed.
I noticeably started to smile,
to go out with friends in the evenings
at the bar. Which by the way is now the
same use "Brilliant32" And also very satisfied!

Billy Sketch
Commercial Representative
We really like "Brilliant32"
We often visit our homes,
friends and relatives.
And as usual there is a lot of fun,
Our smiles became bright and appealing.
We all asked how we got it,
we with pleasure advised "Brilliant32".
We are very satisfied with the result.

Alex & Tina Larkins
Husband and Wife
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Brilliant32 + Gift Coco Charcoal
425 AED 199 AED Free delivery
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